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Laura is a senior midwifery student at the National Midwifery Institute. She is a San Diego based birth doula, postpartum doula, and placenta specialist, attending births since 2012.


Laura believes in honoring birth as a normal process and that having a baby can be a positive, transformational experience. Having finished her clinical numbers required for graduation, she is an on-call senior apprentice with Ocean Midwives.


Elmira has been in the midwifery field since 2000. She earned her degree at the Qazvin University of Medical Sciences and then started practicing as a Midwife at the Bahonar Hospital and the North Tehran Health Center. Today, Elmira works as an apprentice with Ocean Midwives. Her passion is helping families to have safe and gentle births including home birth and waterbirth. She truly believes a woman body knows the natural way of birth. 

Love your birth because birth is all about mothers strengths.