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We are happy to tell you more and discuss the investment that using midwifery care truly is. We work with a third party billing company who bill insurance exclusively maternity care nationwide for out-of-hospital birth. Their Verification of Benefits system will take your insurance information, run a test claim and get an estimate of what coverage your plan may provide. They will bill your insurance after the birth and postpartum period, navigating the back-and-forth that is sometimes necessary in order to get a claim paid.

Their website has a ton of useful information with regard to billing insurance for maternity care.



Working with multiple creditors United Medical Credit can help secure a loan to help you pay for your midwifery care. Working with all types of credit they can provide a variety of financing options. To learn more about United Medical Credit please visit their website.


We understand that paying for a home birth can be difficult and it may be a deciding factor in what kind of care you ultimately choose. We believe that all women deserve midwifery care so we offer excellent care with our Student Midwives and other alternatives to those with no insurance or a financial need.

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