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Birth is a sacred, intimate experience. Homebirth is a safe choice. When women are birthing naturally and undisturbed, they gravitate towards quiet and small, private spaces. It’s easy to find the space to let go and open for birth in the comfort of your own home. You have the option to be in any position and location you chose. Birthing at home you have your bed, preferred food and drink, and the presence of people you have invited to be with you.

And you have the luxury of time.

As a midwife, I respect a birthing woman’s space and acknowledge that even my presence can be an intervention or interruption. I aim to quietly support and be present in the background while seamlessly interacting as needed. I will bring my experience, skills, and commitment to your unique and evolving birth experience.

Sometimes plans change. If you are having a hospital birth, planned or unplanned, we will educate, advocate, and translate for you. We aim to keep the space sacred and intimate, and we use cooperative communication with the hospital staff to help you achieve your birthing goals.

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