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Touching is the first communication a baby receives. The mother's touch both passive and intentional provides for all of babies needs. But thoughtful touch can be offered by mom or others who connect intimately to the newborn. Utilizing and integrating the techniques and traditions of baby massage into a newborns daily routine is a historically successful way to enhance bonding, stimulate weight gain, and most bring joy into your life!

At postpartum visits with you and your baby, I will teach you one to one how to massage your baby. You may learn a stroke or a full massage, or a routine to relieve colicky tummies. Baby will continue to grow and change, as such I will continue to offer ideas and answer questions to support you. Share what you learn with your partner, siblings, and grandparents so they can give the baby a massage!

I also offer Infant Massage classes at Ocean Wellness. Please check their calendar for dates.

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