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Water is a beautiful tool for pregnancy, labor, and birth. The feeling of being weightless in the tub is almost always welcomed to relieve many discomforts in pregnancy, such as back pain and swelling. In labor, the instant soothing relief of submerging in warm water is fantastic! Being in water eases the pressure of the labor surges, allows for easier mobility into various positions, and is very calming for mom and baby.

When the mother is calmer, the labor process unfolds beautifully, supporting the hormonal process.  Oxytocin and endorphins rise, while adrenaline and stress hormones lower.  This ride and fall create a more effective and efficient labor pattern, which best supports mother and baby.


Laboring in water has many benefits for the mother and baby, including:

Pain and stress relief

A gentle transition for the baby

Easier mobility for position changes

Supports the natural stages of labor

Ocean Midwives has various styles and sizes of birth tubs available for loan. All women tend to want to labor in water at some point, whether in the tub, shower, or both. Birthing in water is not a decision that has to made before the birth. Sometimes, as with all birth preparation, what a woman thinks she will use or like doesn’t end up being what works best for her in her labor process. Birth is a unique unfolding journey every time, and we support each woman as her journey unfolds. Water is a safe, pleasant place to birth!

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